Keep On Recycling!

7 Aug by Gold Coast Recycling

Keep On Recycling!

And PLEASE keep it clean and loose!

We at Gold Coast have a simple message for all of our customers: DO NOT STOP RECYCLING!

Mixed messages about the down market in the recycling industry statewide may have confused people, but we want to be sure that everybody knows: We are still processing what you put in your containers and, even if it’s for far less money in the current down market, we still sell all recyclable goods that have viable markets. So please, DO NOT CHANGE the outstanding recycling habits you’ve formed over the past several decades.

And one other reminder: PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN AND LOOSE! We still are seeing plastic bags in our blue recycle barrels and white recycle bins. Those plastic bags are our biggest residual item, and they greatly slow down the sorting process. They are nothing but trouble. Please lightly clean all recyclable items and deposit them directly into your barrels and bins. KEEP THEM LOOSE!

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation, and we promise to do our part by going through each item to be sure it’s properly processed.