Gold Coast Recycling and Transfer Station
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The Process

Reading Rainbow: How Trash Is Recycled with LeVar Burton

Diversion the number 1 goal
Fast, efficient and convenient in and out services.

The state of the art recyclable material sorting system uses screens and air technology to separate materials such as newsprint, mixed paper and plastic, metal and glass containers.

A typical recycle load arrives
at Gold Coast Recycling &
Transfer Station
Large materials are sorted before
entering the screens for the first
step of the automated process.
Screening process separating
lighter materials (paper, etc.).
Heavier materials fall to lower
picking line.

Panorama of final stage of the $4 million sorting system. Workers are picking out contaminants.

Materials going up the conveyor belt to be baled.

Unicycling & Rolloff Recycling
Innovative programs featured at the facility

Recyclable materials are picked off the commercial picking line from Unicycle as well as from construction and demolition loads. The heaviest roll-off materials are sorted on the Gold Coast commercial picking line. All construction and demolition material is recycled.


Electronic waste – commonly called E-waste – is loaded for international markets. E-waste includes computers and computer monitors, printers, televisions, stereos, DVD players and VCRs, cell phones and small kitchen appliances. (No smoke detectors.)

Final Destination

Baled recyclables are trucked to markets. The loads arriving at the Toland Landfill have been picked clean of recyclable materials.