Minimum Fee Trash Disposal

Half a Ton or Less:

Per ton:
C&D loads are an additional $20.00 per ton ($83.05) Customer must indicate a C&D load.
Requirement receipt is needed at time of dump.

Varies by Type

Additional Fees

Dry Cell Batteries:
$1.00 per pound

Fluorescent lamps (commercial customers and non-Harrison customers):
$0.35 per foot
Additional dump charge, limit of 10 lights per day.
$0.35 per pound
Motor oil (buy-back):
$0.04 per quart
(limit 20 gallons in five- gallon containers)
Freon extraction:
$5 each, plus disposal fee
Special pull-offs:
$50 each, plus disposal fee

Tires (outside diameter)

Tires less than 36 inches:

Tires 36 to 60 inches:
$33 each
Solid tires and truck tires, 36 to 60 inches:
$225 per ton
Car tires:
$225 per ton
Truck tires over 60 inches:
$225 each
R&R tires with creosote (charged hard-to-handle fee):
$141.16 tires with EACH pricing are additional fee’s



Electronic equipment disposal:

Residential customers:
No charge for disposal

Commercial customers:
Normal self-haul fees apply