The Holidays Are Coming

6 Nov by Gold Coast Recycling

The Holidays Are Coming

Here’s how you can make them greener

It’s estimated that Americans generate an extra million tons of waste in December. At Gold Coast Recycling, we are keenly aware that every ounce of material we can save is a gift to the planet.

When it comes to giving this year, here are six simple things you can do, to do your part.

Rejoice in reuse: Shop this year at antique stores, thrift shops and other secondhand retail outlets, for great deals on thoughtful, unique holiday gifts that also reduce your footprint in the process!

Shop local: Check out local craft fairs, farmers markets and family-owned businesses. The holidays are a great way to help sustain the local economy.

Give small: Another excellent option is a gift certificate, which requires almost no wrapping materials and will be used for what the recipient really wants and not things that are likely to go to waste.

Give your gift: Are you skilled at a certain art, craft, sport …? Whatever gift you have, what a wonderful gift to give! If you bowl, give a night of bowling and a free lesson. If you paint, give a painting. If you bake, give a personalized cake. Offer a free night of babysitting. Take dinner to a busy friend. Whatever you do with it, a little of your time can be an invaluable gift to the ones you love – and completely waste-free!

Give the gift of giving: For loved ones with favorite charities, consider making donations in their names.

Go sustainable: Whatever you give, it’s time to ditch the metallic and glossy wrapping paper. Newspaper, grocery bags and other recycled paper are quaint wrapping materials that make perfect sense. Also, whenever possible, add texture and character to gifts and wrapping by making them from organic cotton, hemp fibers, renewable materials and recycled content.

This holiday season, think of giving so that everyone receives.