still leading the way, since 1989

Diversion is the first priority at Gold Coast, with all disposed materials sorted to assure that as much tonnage as possible is extracted before the materials are compacted and transferred to a landfill. Diversion takes precedence above all else.

Trash Disposal

We offer minimum-fee, easy-in-and-out, self-haul trash disposal, for businesses and residents, including out-of-county loads and hard-to-handle materials.

Recycle Buy-Back Center

We pay top prices for CRV aluminum cans, CRV plastics 1 through 7, CRV bimetal and CRV glass. Non-CRV glass and plastic can be dropped off for free. Due to a downtrend in the paper markets, we accept but currently do not reimburse for newspaper, cardboard, paper, bulk mail or magazines.

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